Conversion of a pair of single storey, semi detached housees to two, contemporary two storey terraces.

Because the properties are located in a heritage conservation area the design adopts a two part approach, treating the street frontage in a low key, contextual manner so that the houses appear as if they were originally two storeys, whilst at the rear providing two contemporary glass and steel pavilions. The core elements of both houses are identical.

The key design innovation in the project is the treatment of the roofs of the two rear additions. The design creates a pair of double height north facing glazed pavilions within the same space as a traditional pitched roof.

The use of highlight glazing resolved a series of issues such as solar access, privacy, overlooking of neighbours and the provision of sound attenuation between propoerties. The two roofs, which are clad in adjustable louvres, are separated and independent of each other creating a strong individual quality for the rear living areas.