social housing

Kennedy Associates have a long history of undertaking projects for NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LaHC) to deliver housing projects for people with social disadvantage.
Projects include feasibility studies and masterplanning for redevelopment of existing LaHC housing estates including various sites in Rockdale and Arncliff. Other feasibility studies have been undertaken throughout NSW on well over 150 sites to assess their suitability for redevelopment as SEPP Seniors, Multi-Dwelling Housing or Residential Flat Buildings.

Kennedy Associates have also undertaken the design and documentation of several Specialist Disability Accommodation projects and SEPP Seniors Housing projects. Other projects include the construction of 28 free standing dwellings in Airds and 8 specialist houses for people with disabilities.

Recent LaHC projects include the design of multi-residential housing projects for the ‘Communities Plus’ program across regional sites in NSW. These projects feature a mixture of 30% social housing + 10% affordable + 60% mass market housing, integrated within a single development.

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